Transforming a Basic Whiteboard into a Dynamic Online Research Tool — Arc Browser’s Easel Feature

4 min readDec 11, 2023

In my video on OpenAI’s CEO departure, many viewers were intrigued by the whiteboard tool I used for gathering data. Let’s delve into the Easel feature within the Arc browser.


With an array of whiteboard apps available, like Scrintal, Obsidian’s Canvas, and Muse, what sets Arc’s Easel apart? Arc’s Easel excels in efficiently compiling information quickly. I’ll first explain what Arc is, followed by a rundown of Easel’s key functions and its ideal use cases.


Unpacking the Arc Browser

Developed by The Browser Company, the Arc browser made waves upon its 2022 launch. The Verge hailed it as the long-awaited Chrome alternative.


Initially, Arc required an invite code. You can check my website for a potential invite link:




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