The Eve of AGI: Unraveling the Q* Hypothesis — What Exactly Has OpenAI Created? Self-Play, Thought Trees, Paperclips

8 min readNov 27, 2023

Despite the whirlwind of CEO dismissals at OpenAI last Friday, which settled down with the return of Sam Altman after just five days, the reasons behind this internet-stirring palace drama remain elusive. However, leaks all point to one outcome: Sam Altman, at the OpenAI labs, witnessed the next generation of ChatGPT exhibiting human-like intelligence.


Today let’s discuss OpenAI’s new AI model, Q Star, which is buzzing on the internet. Some call it ChatGPT-5, some ChatGPT-Zero, and others a proof of human-made AGI. Let’s delve into what Q Star really is.

The story begins with a Reuters leak, claiming that four days before Sam’s dismissal, a letter to the board from an employee revealed a powerful AI technology potentially threatening humanity. This technology, known as Q, is today’s protagonist. Q is OpenAI’s breakthrough in the quest for General Artificial Intelligence (AGI).


What is AGI?

Artificial Intelligence development is segmented into three phases. The first phase, weak AI, is designed for…




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